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Dear Rarelywritten Author:

Thank you for signing up. I'm excited to see what you come up with! I'd like to make it as easy for you as I can, so here is a, hopefully not too long, Dear Author letter.

Overall, what I like is an emotional plot based in character relationships. I want stories where change happens. I like hurt/comfort with an emphasis on comfort. I like whump, but again, I enjoy it when the focus is on recovery and comfort, rather than the pain or torture that proceeded that. I also like stories about character's overcoming trauma, or escaping bad situations on their own.

I like angst, drama, humor. I love strong friendships and family relationships. Particularly pseudo parent/child relationships, adoptive family, chosen family, etc. I also really like cultural differences, whether that is a character being introduced to a new culture, or seeing cultural things in the fic. Like ways that the culture of the 1940's is different from culture in 2015.

For ships I like Slash (both F/F and M/M) and Het. Ratings from G to hard-R are great. Crossovers are fun, and canon-divergent AUs are fantastic. By which I mean lets take this point in cannon and pretend something else happened, or said character made a different choice.

  • Time Travel * (please see dislikes for addendum)
  • Outsider POV
  • Women in war
  • Historical settings
  • Tropes like... Trapped, Unexpected Allies, Lying by Telling the Truth,
  • Polyamorous relationships
  • Mental problems,
  • Power dynamics,
  • Identity issues (what/who am I),
  • Superpowers making life difficult.

  • Time-Travel done as fate: This is a set-up for time-travel stories where, while the character has great adventures, nothing they do in past or future ultimately effects their own time in any way. If a character travels through time (or anywhere else) I like their actions to have consequences and change things.
  • Permanent main character death,
  • Non-canon AUs (particularly the coffeeshop/highschool/everybody's normal),
  • Non-con/rape/dubious consent, under-age, mpreg,
  • Humiliation.
  • Gender-switch,
  • The Interfering Woman (having a woman be bitchy/crazy/evil in order to provide an obstacle or motivation for other character's romance)

Agent Carter:
  • They tell her she has Alzhiemers but Peggy knows the truth. She's time traveling.
  • What happened to Ceri in the wild pack, after she freed Rhydian from the Carrock?
  • Ceri looking for Rhydian after she senses his first transformation.
Miss Fisher's:
  • Phryne, in Paris, during world war 1
  • Crossover with Agent Carter, late 1940's after the war. Prhyne & Co on holiday in New York. Maybe body turns up. They get involved with Peggy.
  • AU reveal: before the war, Moya's crew find out that normal Kalish don't have re-attaching limbs. Sikozu gets outed.
  • Sikozu / technology / Moya. Being a bioloid doesn't make her less of a person. Which her creators found inconvenient. But what makes a person a person in the end?



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